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Remainder… Leave it or Lose it?

Write your own word problem using remainders. Please only use a 2 by 1 ex. 36 divided by 5. The answer is 7 r 1

Decide if you want your word problem to keep the remainder, or lose it, here is an example of both:

Leave the remainder: Mr. M has 36 flowers he wants to place them all  into 5 vases? How many will each vase get? What should he do with his remainder?
Lose the remainder: Jon has 36 footballs he wants to give equally to friends. He has five friends to share with, how many will each friend get? What should he do with the reminder?
You pick the number sentence, include an answer (with a remainder), then pick the subject. TO ANSWER THE BLOG POST… tell whether you leave the remainder and round up, or you lose it and stay the same! For example… Mr M will  place 7 flowers into each vase except for one, one will have 8. OR Joel will give 5 footballs to each of his friends!

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my classroom blog! My name is John William Moran, and I am a fourth grade teacher! This blog is designed to give students a twenty-first century opportunity to be heard! Let me know what you think!

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